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CD-155 – Jet Fuel Piston Engine with 155 hp

CD-155 – Jet Fuel Piston Engine with 155 hp
Continental Motors Group offers with CD-155 a jet fuel piston engine for general aviation with a take off power of 114 kW (155 hp). The CD-155 is a turbo charged 4-cylinder in-line engine which is EASA and. The CD-155 is certified for the use of both jet fuel and diesel (DIN EN590) and is running with the two fuels in any mixture ratio.

The engine has a time between replacement (TBR) of 2,100 hr. Despite of improved performance CD-155 weighs as much as the CD-135.
General Engine Description
Engine work principle: Turbo diesel engine  
Cylinder, Configuration: 4, in-line  
Valve gear: DOHC  
Intake system: Common rail direct injection  
Cooling: Liquid cooled  
Oil System: Wet sump oil system  
Electrical System: Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC)  
Prop Drive reduction gearbox with integrated clutch (ratio i = 1:1,69)  
Approved propeller: 3-blade propeller of MT with hydraulic variable pitch (MTV-6 series)  
Displacement: 1.991 cm³ 121.5 cu.in
Bore: 83 mm 3.26 in
Stroke: 92 mm 3.62 in
Compression: 18:1 18:1
Dimensions (WxLxH): 778 x 816 x 636 mm 30.63 x 32.12 x 25.04 in
Weight (complete & dry): 134 kg 295.4 lbs
Max. Power up to 6,000ft: 114 kW 155 hp
Max. Continuous Power: 114 kW 155 hp
Power Best Economy: 97 kW 132 hp
Recommended Load: 75 percent  
Power constant: available max. power at respective altitude  
Torque at propeller: 473 Nm 349 ft.lb.
Torque at propeller (Best Economy): 410 Nm 302 ft. lb.
Prop RPM max. and take off: 2300 rpm  
Prop RPM best economy: 2000 rpm  
Prop RPM over-speed tested: 2000 rpm  
Engine RPM max. and take off: 3890 rpm  
Engine RPM best economy: 3380 rpm  
Engine RPM over-speed tested: 4500 rpm  
Consumption in cruise flight: 18-22 l/h 4.7-5.8 gal/hr
Specific fuel consumption: 214 g/kWh 0.35 lb/hphr
Electrical System
Electrical system: FADEC  
Voltage: 28 V, optional 14 V  
Alternator performance: 1680 W (28 V), optional 1260 W (14 V)  
Current / Voltage: 60 A (28 V), optional 90 A (14 V)  
Compact Engine Display: 0,3 kg 0,66 lbs
Operating Fluids
Certified Fuels:Jet A-1 (ASTM D 1655),
Jet A (ASTM D 1655),
Jet Fuel No 3. (GB6537-94),
JP-8 (MIL-DTL-83133),
JP-8+100 (MIL-DTL-83133E),
TS-1 (GOST 10227-86),
TS-1 (GSTU 320.00149943.011-99)
Alternative Fuels:Diesel (EN 590),
Oil:Shell Helix Ultra 5W30; Shell Helix Ultra 5W40; AeroShell Oil Diesel 10W-40; AeroShell Oil Diesel Ultra
Cooling Liquid:50% Water; 50% BASF Glysantin; G48/ Glysantin; Protect Plus
Gear Oil:Shell EP 75W90 API GL-4
Lifetime:2100 hrs
Type Certification:EASA, FAA, in 57 countries
Supplemental Type Certification:Cessna 172, Diamond DA40, Robin DR400, Piper PA-28

Lifetime: 2100hrs
Type Certification: EASA and FAA TC
Max Power: 155 hp


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