CENTURION® 2.0: STC für Cessna 172

STC für Cessna 172

We received Supplemental Type Certifications (STC) for various Cessna 172 models in 2006 and we are working on further STCs. Generally CD-135 can be installed in the following models:
Supplemental Type Certication
Modell MTOWEligibility Status STC
172F / F 172F 1043 kgallgranted (EASA, FAA)
172G / F 172G 1043 kgall granted (EASA, FAA)
172H / F 172H 1043 kgall granted (EASA, FAA)
172I 1043 kg allgranted (EASA, FAA)
172K / F 172K1043 kg allgranted (EASA, FAA)
172L / F 172L 1043 kg allgranted (EASA, FAA)
172M / F 172M1043 kg allgranted (EASA, FAA)
172N / F 172N1043 kg allgranted (EASA, FAA)
172P / F 172P1089 kgall granted (EASA, FAA)
172R 1111 kgallgranted (EASA, FAA)
172Sreduced to 1111 kgallgranted (EASA, FAA)
Take off run in 1,000 ft AMSL: 265 m869 ft
Take off distance (to clear 50 ft): 547 m1.794 ft
Rate of climb, MSL: 690 ft/min 
Rate of climb at 10.000 ft: 560 ft/min 
Max. speed at 10,000 ft:129 KTAS 
Consumption of diesel at 10,000 ft, 110 KTAS:17.5 l/hr4.62 gal/hr
Range at 10,000 ft, standard tanks, 45 min reserve at load 55%:898 NM 
Range at 10,000 ft, long range tanks, 45 min reserve at load 55%:1,053 NM