CENTURION® 2.0: The Retrofit Kit

The Retrofit Kit

The CD-135 and CD-155 are available on the European and partly for the US aftermarket since the third quarter of 2006 as a retrofit engine. EASA supplemental type certifications (STC) for Cessna 172 F-S are granted. The supplemental type certifications of the modell series Piper PA 28 are applied for the US market.

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CD-135 is STC'd for operation as a retrofit engine. The retrofit installation requires a kit that contains e.g. engine mount, cooler and state-of-the-art electronic components. A complete retrofit kit for a Cessna 172 N spans over 930 parts. The most important assembly units are:

Retrofit – The Firewall-Forward-Kit
 At the end of the year 2003, Continental Motors Group took the opportunity to evaluate one year serial production of Centurion 1.7 kerosene piston engine, the predecessor of the CD-135. While shipments to OEM running well, Thielert has recognized some potential to improve the retrofit kits for existing aircraft. In 2003 Continental Motors Group shipped the retrofit engines as an assembly kit with 930 parts. The outcome of the experience with this method is that kits have been shipped completely "firewall forward" pre-assembled and checked since the beginning of 2004. This method is offering the following advantages:


1. Superior quality of the retrofit kits: Prior to delivery, Thielert tests the entire engine system, electronics, cooling, heating and intercooler on own dynamometers. As a certified production organization, Continental Motors Group improves the quality of the assembly and testing of the retrofit kits.


2. Shorter aircraft service times: Since the pre-assembled retrofit kit can be installed more quickly at Continental Motors Group distributors, it is possible to reduce the service time of our customers' aircraft.
The firewall forward kit with the Centurion 1.7 kerosene piston engine for Cessna 172 is certified according to EASA. In 2007, Continental Motors Group will also deliver OEM clients with the well-proven kit.