CENTURION® 2.0: TC for Robin DR400

TC for Robin DR400

Apex Aircraft has installed the Centurion 1.7 in the well known french aircraft Robin Dauphin. Apex ships the aircraft since October 2005.
Performance Specifications
Gross weight: 979 kg2.159 lbs
Useful load: 351 kg774 lbs
Fuel capacity: 109 l/h29 gal/h
Max.cruise, at 75% power, best altitude: 235 km/h127 kts
Max. range, at 65% power, best altitude:1.200 km647,95 NM
Max. range, at 65% power with optional 50 l tank, best altitude:1.800 km971,92 NM
Climbing speed, sea level, at MTOW:3,35 m/s670 ft/min
Take-off distance, over 50 ft obstacle:440 m1.443 ft
Landing distance, over 50 ft obstacle:470 m1.541 ft