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Mobile (AL, USA), April 6, 2017—Continental Motors Group Ltd, an AVIC International Holding Corporation company, congratulates Purdue’s School of Aviation and Transportation Technology for selecting a Textron Aviation® Cessna® Turbo Skyhawk JT-A for their flight training institute. Equipped with Continental Motors’ technologically advanced CD-155 diesel engines, it offers multiple benefits to flight training organizations such as low operational and maintenance costs, higher performance, and the highest dispatch rates in the industry.
Continental Diesel engines are popular with flight schools around the world including the United States, Europe, China and Africa. Their popularity stems from the benefits that they provide to the pilot, operator, and maintenance organizations. For the the CD-155, they offer simple, single lever operation, allowing the pilot to focus on the most important aspects of their training and piloting skills. It also better prepares the pilot for a career in aviation since the engine’s controls are like those they will encounter in turbine or jet powered aircraft. For the operator, the engine uses Jet-A fuel, simplifying fuel infrastructure and costs, as well as lowering the fuel cost per hour due to the engine’s higher efficiency as compared to either gasoline or turbine powered aircraft. Finally, the maintainer benefits from a modern, electronically controlled engine with data collection. Having the information reduces maintenance time and costs, as well as supporting advanced diagnostic based maintenance reviews and scheduling.

“The CD-155 powered Turbo Skyhawk JTA is the ideal fit for a training organization. It offers unbeatable total ownership and direct operating costs combined with reliability that allows our professional clients to increase the number hours flown per aircraft consistently. This translates into more pilots trained in the same time frame, with greater efficiencies and reduced costs.”, stated Robert Boggan, Vice President, Sales and Customer Service for Continental Motors Group. “I am delighted about the partnership of Textron Aviation® with Purdue University and being a critical success factor in their innovative training system”, continued Boggan.

Purdue Aviation is a full service fixed-base operation (FBO) that provides fuel sales, aircraft maintenance, flight training, aircraft rental and aircraft sales.

“As one of the preeminent flight schools in the country, we at Purdue Aviation look forward to utilizing this next generation aircraft with advanced Jet-A engine technology in our flight training fleet,” said Scott Niswonger, Chairman of Purdue Aviation.

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