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Continental Diesel is the leading brand for certified kerosene (diesel) piston aircraft engines for general aviation. As far back as 2001, the manufacturer of Continental Diesel engines, then the former Thielert Aircraft Engines and now Continental Aerospace Technologies GmbH as member of the Continental Motors Group, became the first company in the world to receive type certification for its kerosene piston aircraft engines. Continental Diesel pilots have a global network of more than 350 authorized service centers at their disposal. Altogether, the some 3,500 plus Diesel engines operated in General Aviation have to date successfully completed more than 3,5 million flight hours.

The plant located in Germany was founded in 1999 for R&D as well as for the manufacture of efficient and reliable kerosene piston aircraft engines for General Aviation. The company is a high-tech company and the first in decades to achieve certification for kerosene piston aircraft engines and to achieve production approvals.

Kerosene piston engines reduce direct operating costs for GA airplanes dramatically in comparison with conventional avgas engines. In addition to manufacturing aircraft engines with electronic engine management to jet propulsion standards, the company also manufactures prototyping parts for the aircraft and automotive industries.

The company is a JAA and EASA certified design, maintenance and production organization. The plants in St. Egidien/Saxony, Altenburg/Thuringia, and Hamburg currently have a workforce of around 200 dedicated and highly skilled employees.

Plant in Lichtenstein
Plant in Altenburg