CENTURION® 2.0: Diamond Installations

Diamond Installations

Diamond DA40 TDI
The DA40 TDI was the first production aircraft worldwide equipped with the Centurion 1.7, the predecessor of the CD-135. On November 22, 2002, the JAR 23 type certification of the DA40 TDI Diamond Star was completed by Diamond Aircraft Industries and Austro Control, the Austrian Airworthiness Authority, setting another milestone in the history of general aviation.

Meanwhile there are more than 500 DA40 TDI flying across the world. When TBR is reached existing DA40 can be upgraded from the 135 HP engine to 155 HP with the CD-155 of Continental Motors Group.
Diamond DA42 Twin Star
Known as an international specialist for composite technology, Diamond Aircraft Industries is actively involved in many areas of material research, development and application. Besides the DA40, Diamond has started a twin engine aircraft project: the Diamond DA42 Twin Star which is equipped with two CD-135! On request this aircraft can be upgraded to the CD-155 diesel engine.

The DA42 made its maiden flight with the predecessor of the CD-135 on Dec. 9th, 2002 as the world´s first kerosene twin below 4,500 lbs. EASA certification for the DA42 was issued on May 13th, 2004. In summer 2004 a DA42 was the first diesel/jet fuel aircraft flying across the Atlantic ocean. In 2006 a DA42 was used for the first world circumnavigation with a diesel aircraft. Diamond delivers the aircraft since April 2005.